Not to be outdone, the Roughriders offence lit up again

BY WITHHOLDING GAMING GRANT REPORTHiding the results of Skip Triplett’s gaming grant review from the public will only serve to highlight the Liberal government’s failure to treat community organizations with respect, say New Democrats.”This report was intended to lay out a number of options for the administration of gaming grants after the Liberals changed the criteria without consulting with community groups,” said Shane Simpson, New Democrat gaming critic. “The Liberals have already failed to keep their promise to release the report by Dec. 31.

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fjallraven kanken Insert a 6 inch steel spike with each end exposed and leave in through processing. Shuck, water blanch for 10 minutes. Chill for 15 minutes. Home Search”It amazing, man, this is what we been working for all season for the city of Regina and for the whole Riderville organization,” said defensive lineman Willie Jefferson.The Roughriders started the game off right with a six play 79 yard drive down the field, capped by a 29 yard touchdown pass to Bakari Grant to give the green and white an early lead.But the Redblacks responded right back with a touchdown of their own. After a 37 yard return, quarterback Trevor Harris found Diontae Spencer for a 56 yard touchdown. Harris went on to complete a two point conversion to Juron Criner to put Ottawa up 8 7.Not to be outdone, the Roughriders offence lit up again marching 82 yards down field, hitting Kienan LaFrance twice and ending with Kevin Glenn plunging into the end zone for a 1 yard touchdown. fjallraven kanken

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kanken sale Lets see, it was announced with great fan fair those same Gordie fans were there then too in a news release on October 1st 2007 that the BC Government was giving the BC Transmission Corporation the green light to go ahead with this 400 million dollar project. The majority of the monies to complete this project, we were told, would come from BC Hydro and the rest was to come from the Galore Creek consortium of Tech Cominco and Nova Gold. Call me a “Doubting Thomas” if you want but considering that the Galore Creek Partnership is virtually non existent and that this is a 400 million dollar project, ten million seems a bit trite kanken sale.