If you over extend a life boat capacity

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I really don think you so dense to not see the connection. It is that technological progress is at once the catalyst for overpopulation and global warming. It goes cheap canada goose hand in hand, you simply can have one without the other, and no amount of “green” or “humanitarian” technologies is going canada goose outlet miami to halt or reverse it, because the underlying principle of exploitation and growth is still there.

We can make a conscious decision to stop the expansion of global modern mass society, or we can wait for nature to take care of it for us, whether that global catastrophe or mass death due to conflict and psychological break. There are no vertical cities or Mars colonies in our future, it going to end one way or the canada goose outlet woodbury other. In any case it doesn help to deny the reality of our humanity and continue to fool ourselves that it possible to escape it.

I don know how many different ways I can explain it not a choice, or at least you have made the choice meaningless. If you over extend a life boat capacity, you end up killing everyone canada goose outlet los angeles on board. The simple reality is the Earth cannot support 10 billion people living a Western lifestyle, but that exactly what we facing by the end of the century. I can (and do) whatever I can to minimize my impact, this isn even my computer I typing this on.

A weak and canada goose victoria parka outlet ineffectual man isn a good man, a good man canada goose outlet germany is one that understands his capacity for violence and chooses not to use it. Your throwing your hands up and embracing “progress” is killing all of us. That is the reality you are choosing to ignore, and that makes it evil.

Humanity is everything we experience. It our internal processes, emotions, thoughts and consciousness. It pain, anger, loss, suffering, but it also love, joy, and growth. It the agony and the ecstasy. It important because that is who we are, it what we are as a species. A society intent on minimizing that agony, increasing that “quality of life” by maximizing comfort and convenience, makes us no better than canada goose womens uk cattle, and will only ensure that we end up robots, automatons responding to stimuli with pre programmed responses. That is the exact opposite of what it is to be human.

If that the future you want, I sure you get it, but stop lying about official canada goose outlet what it really is, because there nothing human about it.

You don have to live in this system, so every day that you do is a choice you making.

There also a massive societal change coming due to automation

It really isn and it exactly because of that reason. There isn a single human process that isn guided or controlled by modern society. There is barely any geographic space untouched by modern society, because the kind of automation we facing necessitates unlimited and unrestricted growth, in spacial, temporal, and humanistic terms. No one is immune to it, not even the lone wolves or the Amish, Hutterites, Quakers, etc.

I don think you really understand what technology is, or what it means to live in a technological society. Technology isn just the canada goose gilet uk machines and gadgets that we use, it is the totality canada goose black friday deals of methods by which we seek absolute efficiency. The gadgets are just a byproduct of a canada goose expedition black friday society that places technical progress above all else including all else human.

So, no, it really isn about fighting a wave of coming technology, it about preserving humanity and what makes us human. There is no scenario in which you can adopt canada goose outlet technology that preserves humanity, because technology inherently works against humanity. Every new canada goose outlet uk review technique we adopt, every new resultant gadget, takes something away from us, whether it be physical or psychological, that “progress” comes at a cost, and always necessitates the development of new techniques to counteract that loss. The only way you can consider any of that “good” is if you reject any notion of humanity being worth preserving.

The solution is as much psychological as it is practical. Whether by design or not, the modern system is set up in such a way that it reinforces itself by placating and patronizing the individual, but it relies on the compliance in ignorance of a mass society. A mass society that started out among nations, and now is expanding globally.

So, the first step is in education, helping others realize the propaganda by which modern society is propped up. That is by far the hardest part, much more difficult than surviving in the wild, because people can generally accept physical discomfort, but psychological https://www.dvu-nds.de discomfort is much harder to come to terms with. That is also the strength of modern society, it has subverted our social psychology to a degree seemingly irreparable, but canada goose outlet uk sale I believe deep down most people do understand the hollow emptiness of modernity. That people derive meaning and purpose when working for their own fulfillment, and not for some nebulous sense of identity within a global collective society. Don confuse that for an endorsement of socialism, it isn because socialism itself is predicated on the de facto existence of industrial society, which does canada goose rossclair uk nothing to solve the underlying issue of the dissolution of individuality and personal identity in modern society. It about returning to people their will to responsible for themselves, and from there re forming those spontaneous relationships that are the foundation of a truly organic society.

Where it goes from there, I don really know, Canada Goose Jackets but my hope is that the people I work with may realize they don need high technology to live meaningful and fulfilling lives, because all it has brought is subjugation, subversion, and domestication of humanity. But my realistic guess is that it will come crashing down in flame, probably not in my or your lifetimes, but sometime in the future.

For me, the point of progress is to improve the overall well being of human life compared to where it is today.

That kind of the point I was dancing around. “Well being” according to whose definition? As Westerners living in an industrial material culture, our concept of “well being” differs drastically from the Sentinelese. For all the problems caused by industrial society (in areas both scientific and humanitarian), one should question whether or not modern society is better than the primitive societies we canada goose discount uk scorn.

The purpose of science is not skepticism, it is to continually produce a higher quality, more trustworthy model of reality than the one we currently have.