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The Results Were Unexpected And Instant!

On June 15th, I was mauled and bitten on the shoulder by a crazed horse. The scars from the attack are fading, but I was left with a crushed nerve and visible muscle atrophy in my trapezius. I had seen a conventional doctor, a specialist, and was undergoing physical therapy 3x week in my effort to regain strength, mobility, and reduce pain in shoulder, neck and head that had become my daily companion. I never would have believed it, if this hadn’t actually happened to me!
On Sept 14th in Dr.Rusnak’s serene and beautiful healing room, she asked me to lift my left arm. I could barely lift it beyond shoulder level (just a little more than 90 degrees with difficulty).
 She then asked me to roll up my pant’s leg and she placed a needle in the side of my lower leg, then asked me to lift my arm again. We both heard a loud pop from inside my shoulder as I lifted my arm. My shoulder clicked into place and I was able to continue raising it up, and then clear over my head to the other side (like a ballerina!) without pain! What hadn’t been accomplished in three months of doctors and PT, was healed in a moment’s time, and I was immediately blessed with full mobility of my left arm. I can now lift weight to begin to rebuild my atrophied trapezius muscle.
This was incredible and amazing work by a gentle and wonderful natural healer. The results were unexpected and instant. I continue to be amazed as my mobility continues, and my strength returns. I can now resume Yoga, Kick Boxing, and Lifting.
Thank you, Dr. Rusnak I will tell everyone about
the amazing lady who healed me!!
~ Evita Carroll

Miracle Worker!

I am an advent fitness fanatic and one particular routine I over exerted myself lifting more weight than I should. I knew I had pushed myself too hard but having a high pain tolerance, I didn’t think much of the pain in my lower back until the next morning I could not move without wanting to scream. Sitting, or standing was extremely painful. Dr. Cecilia Rusnak told me to come see her and OMG! After one treatment I was able to twist and move like I had a brand new back! I could not believe how fast her treatment worked! I am forever grateful to her. Being a single parent, I don’t have time to stay off my feet for too long. Her passion for what she does in helping her patients manage pain surpasses anything a traditional doctor can do! Thank you Dr. Rusnak your a miracle worker.
– Tonya Mutter

Acupuncture Is Amazing!

Acupuncture is amazing! Dr. Rusnak preformed acupuncture on me for severe congestion including cough, hoarseness, and fever. The morning before my appointment I was miserable could not quit coughing and choking I was so miserable. The very next morning after my treatment I woke up 80% better, it was unbelievable how much better I felt in a short amount of time. A few days later I’m back too 100%. She’s not only amazing with adults, she’s great with children also. My son hurt his knee and the ligament behind his knee. Dr. Rusnak meet me and my son on a Saturday morning to help him. The results where pretty immediate. He was pretty much back to normal within 48 hours after her treating him. She is the best! We can’t thank you enough Dr. CR
– Jaimie Carr

With Less And Less Pain After Every Treatment

In July of 2014, I was at my dance studio’s first of two nationals. A few hours into my first day I had an accident where I fell off the stage and severely injured my tailbone and back. Being that it was nationals, I had to be able to dance for my team and for myself. Having previously broken my back a few years back and knowing how long an injury like that can take to heal, I was so worried. Thankfully Dr. Rusnak is one of the mom’s of a student at the studio. She was my guardian angel. She came and used anything and everything she had with her that day and continued to care for me all throughout nationals. Thanks to her I was able to complete two full weeks of nationals with less and less pain after every treatment. She was there for me after every dance and was still there for her daughter and everyone else. I am eternally grateful for the miracles she worked on me! She’s the absolute best; my hero!
~Sophia Ludwig

Sooo Gentle, I Loved It!

Fellow Orlandoans:
Cecilia Rusnak gave me the BEST facial ever last week! Sooo gentle, I loved it!
Fb her!
– Rebecca Zamora

With The Help Of Dr. Cecilia Rusnak

Tristan had a minor accident on the monkey bars at school 3 weeks ago, he has been restricted from dance… missed a competition and his school talent show. With the help of Dr.Cecilia Rusnak‘s Integrative Medicine, yesterday Dr. Knapp (the pediatric Ortho) released him to dance again…this happened in his office (a very happy boy!!). He will return to dance class tonight and is now able to dance in his end of year Revue shows!! IMDP is so blessed to have the caring Dr. Rusnak as a dance Mommy, she is an angel!!
– Tonia Abruzzo Hill

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